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Views & Links

 Discussions of Frances Presley’s work: selected essays, reviews, & interviews

‘Writing about trees’: In conversation with Owain Jones, October 2013:

‘The poems came first’, Steve Spence, Stride 2013

‘Arranging the variables’, by Jack Underwood Poetry London, 75, Summer 2013

‘Taking place: deixis, collaboration and the gender politics of the aesthetic’, by Alice Entwhistle & ‘Open Field: reading field as place and poetics’, by Harriet Tarlo (In Placing Poetry eds. Ian Davidson and Zoe Skoulding, Rodopi, 2013, pp. 69-91 & 113-148).

The Ekphrastic Encounter in Contemporary British Poetry and Elsewhere, by David Kennedy 188pp, Ashgate, 2012

Go Quotiently: contemporary British poetry from Shearsman’, by G. C. Waldrep, Kenyon review, Spring 2012

‘Out of Town’, by John Muckle  PN Review 202, 2012 ‘Giving yourself to the other’ an interview by David Hawkins, December 2011

‘Post-pastoral perspectives on landscape and culture’, by Alice Entwistle (In Cambridge Companion to Twentieth Century British and Irish Women’s Poetry, ed Jane Dowson  Cambridge Univ., 2011  pp 136-151)

‘Interventions in the face of apocalypse’, by Harriet Tarlo Poetry Review, Autumn 2011 pp. 118-122

‘Against Background: reframings of the city by Redell Olsen, Jena Osman and Frances Presley’, by Zoe Skoulding  Journal of British & Irish Innovative Poetry, 3(2) September 2011 pp. 123-139

‘In a Hazelnut: Julian of Norwich in Contemporary Women’s Poetry’, by Sarah Law, Literature and Theology Magazine, 2010

‘Veiled but more expressive’, by Alexandra Trowbridge-Matthews Roundyhouse 32, 2010, pp 57-58 ‘Review’, by Lyndon Davies  PoetryWales46 (1) Summer 2010, pp 69-71

‘Pattern needs another stone: Lines of Sight’ by Anna Reckin  Jacket 40, 2010,

‘Rebounding flowerheads’, by David Morley  Poetry Review, Spring 2010, pp 113-116 ‘Recycles: the eco-ethical poetics of found text in contemporary poetry’, by Harriet Tarlo, Journal of Ecocriticism, 1(2), 2009

‘Remembering & interpretation: Lines of Sight’, by Steve Spence  Stride

‘Frances Presley, Lines of Sight: featured review’, by Joel Weishaus  Poetica

‘Speaking from landscape’  by Katy Evans-Bush  Poetry London, Autumn 2007, pp 30-32 ‘Love’s body’ by Graham Hartill  Poetry Review 96(4),  Winter 2006/7  pp 105-108

‘Leading off the path: a review of Frances Presley, Myne: new & selected poems and prose’ by Clive Bush  Jacket 31 October 2006

‘Interview with Frances Presley’ by Edmund Hardy  Intercapillary Space October2006

Paravane: new & selected poems’ by Tim Allen  Terrible Work,  April 2006

‘How were these poems moved together?  Frances Presley  Paravane: new and selected poems’  by Mary Michaels  SalzburgReview 8 Autumn 2005 pp. 30-40

‘Forms of enquiry’ by David Kennedy  PN Review 163, May 2005 p. 91

‘Minesweep: Paravane: new and selected poems’  by Meredith Quartermain  Jacket 25, February 2004

‘A She Even Smaller Than a Me’: gender dramas of the contemporary avant-garde’, by Harriet Tarlo (In Contemporary women’s poetry: reading/ writing/ practice’ ed Marks and Rees-Jones  Macmillan, 2000 pp 247-270)

Journals and websites

My work has appeared in a wide selection of journals, both in print and online, including Poetry Review and Poetry Wales.

Websites include:; Shearsman Publishing:; Archive of the Now:; Poetry International:

I was commissioned to collaborate with the American poet Julia Cohen for

‘Time the deer is in the wood of Hallaig’, an exhibition curated by Amy Cutler: