Audio - Frances Presley


Lines Of Sight


Gavin Selerie And Frances Presley

1./ Harriot Double. Gavin Selerie
3./Scrub Oak
4./Controlled Burn
6./Oak Change
7./Percival Wood
8./Kings Wood
10./Tank Practice
11./Parkland Walk РA collaboration  with the American poet Julia Cohen. Reading with Gavin Selerie.
12./From The Bridge
13./Archway Tunnel
14./An Alphabet for Alina. A sequence with the artist Peterjon Skelt.
15./Gavin Selerie
16./Days of 49 out take – Gavin Selerie
17./Gavin Selerie on Henry Moore
18./Gulf Ghost File – Gavin Selerie
19./World Levered on One – Gavin Selerie( for Peter Reilly)